A Solutions Oriented Team

We often talk to our clients about the need to encourage ideas and input and new initiatives from their people. We know that when this is managed and handled well the results can be incredible, in terms of both business development and the motivation of the people employed there.

Some teams are particularly good at making the transition into being thinkers and doers rather than just the latter. They will readily ask tough questions and point out the pros and the cons of a particular idea or route before progressing to define the right solution. So, what is there to be wary about?

The problem is that this can very quickly turn into a group that simply sets out to find problems rather than solving them by coming up with solutions. The culture you need to create is one that finds solutions to problems and moves the business forward as a result.

So how do you create a solutions-oriented team? A few thoughts:


Walk the talk, practice what you preach. Demonstrate the problem-solving behaviour and attitude you would like to see in your team.

Identify a key word to remind team members to focus on solutions. That way, when conversations veer off course, colleagues can help get it back on track.

Reflect on how you, as owner/ manager/ MD can create an environment that allows for both creativity and critical thinking.


Ignoring or discounting resistance to a barrier. Instead, explore possible solutions by asking questions and getting to heart of the matter.

Going it alone. Think about inviting a consultant or a member of a different department to attend a team meeting. They might spark new strands of conversation.

Being stingy with compliments. Publicly acknowledging team members’ creative thinking helps increase the sense that norms are shifting. Catch people doing something right – often!

The benefits of having a group of people within your business being prepared to pinpoint problems, tackle them positively and find solutions are enormous, but it is a significant transitional move for many businesses with a different culture and outlook at present but if the right steps are taken and the right leadership is shown, those businesses prepared to make these changes will reap rewards with a more effective and efficient group of people recognising that they can make a huge, positive difference.

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David Turner
Managing Director