AI has its place but be careful how and where you use it!

There is no question that AI is here to stay and can provide a great asset to businesses by gathering and producing lots of information and producing it to be used by the firm/ person concerned. Joining up the dots and using algorithms is a time saving facility but, reasons to be careful are outlined in these two recent experiences:

1) DPD

Last week, delivery firm DPD had to apologise after its AI powered chatbot went rogue and started swearing at customers. Even worse, it called the delivery firm ‘useless.’

2) ‘Which’ Magazine tried to book some travel through AI and found….

AI was booking flights from the wrong country – confusing Birmingham in Alabama with Birmingham in the UK.

Proposing dodgy hotels with terrible ratings on TripAdvisor.

Recommending obscure car rental firms – lifting marketing text directly from their websites as justification.

And suggesting the best place to buy travel insurance was Interpol. Yes, the international police organisation!

What’s the point here – AI is not a panacea for your challenges and particularly business challenges. Leave something to AI without thought and scrutiny on the output can cost your business a lot and the human mind is pretty much the only ‘computer’ that can imagine a different future.

Of course, the best ideas from before, best text from before etc. is a value and worthy of consideration but the human mind is the one thing that can create fresh, new ideas that no one has done or thought of before. As we have said many times in our Keys to Growth approach – getting PEOPLE with KNOW HOW thinking creatively will provide ideas that outsmart your competition and market leading situations – AI would not have thought of the ‘hole in the wall’ to access cash or the ‘automobile’ to replace the Horse and Cart. Game and market changing moves will continue to be created by us, people, with AI a valuable associated tool in selected areas.

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