All Change – How are You Feeling?

Optimistic, pessimistic, anxious, determined, depressed – or all of the above at different times? The mind is constantly working, evaluating, assessing and as a result there will undoubtedly be mood swings for sure, but business leaders need to show resilience and hold things together – a lonely place sometimes but that’s the job!
One thing that is indisputable is the fact that businesses will only succeed and thrive coming out of these difficult times if they bring their key people with them. Being candid we have heard a number of owner/ managers express that the situation forced upon them has caused them to re-evaluate what they need in terms of people resource and they have found that they don’t need as many people. They can get the work done with less bodies. This may well be the case but, a word of caution to those owner/ managers. We are all for efficiency and saving cost but before making these decisions make sure that you do have the work covered effectively. Has the work been split between roles? Have those new roles been sense checked? Will the business process still work? Finally, have the new duties been shared with those remaining and how do they feel about this? If this hasn’t been done, when do you plan to do it?
The point I am making here is by all means get ‘lean and efficient’ but make sure that your restructure has been thought through and that all of the necessary work has been appropriately allocated. If something ‘falls through the crack’ as a result of this not being done it could cost you a lot of business.
From another angle do think about how those laid off will feel and deal with them correctly and with dignity. Think then about those who remain with you. Clearly you don’t want to lose the best people but changes in staffing and lay-offs will create huge uncertainty – even for those who remain and also emotions ranging from ‘survivors guilt’ to relief that they still have a job. Good management understands this. So, tell those who remain all about the changes and why they are being made. Explain how you are treating those who are leaving – i.e. well and correctly. This goes a long way to reassure people they are with a good Company. It is important to engage those who you want to be part of the future in that future plan and you must have a plan. Outline to them all where you are taking the business over the next three, six, twelve months and how they and their (potentially changed) role will help you achieve what you seek. Result, you allay fears and motivate people to work towards a common goal. You give yourself a much better chance of achieving the business goals as a result. Think in steps like this:

  1. Explain why changes have been necessary – background
  2. Outline where you are heading – vision
  3. Define the methods on how you intend to get there – plan
  4. Tell the team how they can help achieve the vision – engagement

Handling changes in this way will provide you with a group of people who are focused on a successful future for them and your business.

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David Turner

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