Nutrition and Hydration Course

This course covers all elements of the importance of proper nutrition and hydration in care environments.

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Mental Health Awareness Course

This course details mental health and mental illness as well as providing advice on how to work with those affected.

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Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Course

This course describes in detail the Mental Capacity Act.

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Learning Disability Awareness Course

This course gives an overview of the types and causes of learning disabilities and how management must perform.

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Introduction to the Safe Handling of Medicines Modules

This course outlines all the key aspects of handling medicines.

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Introduction to Early Years Foundation Stage Course

This course provides an introduction to the Early Years Foundation Stage.

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Infection Control Course

This course outlines infection control and details legislation, different types of bacteria and how they are transmitted.

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Handling Information in a Care Setting Course

This course introduces the concept of handling information in care settings.

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Fire Marshal for Care Homes Course

This course covers the same content as the Fire Marshal course with additional content tailored to employees in care homes.

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Epilepsy Awareness Course

Anyone who would like to understand what to do if they see someone have a epileptic seizure should take this course.

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