Business Acceleration – Ditch the Rear-view Mirror!

There is currently a cautious optimism building in the UK that we will experience a strong economic recovery, I read an article just last week that said it is like a coiled spring waiting to be released – bit like the population really.

So, as a business owner what should you be doing right now? Well firstly Ditch the Rear-View Mirror!

Businesses that succeed think about the future, they challenge their people to think about the future and they ask themselves:

  • How can we come out of this a different, smarter and stronger business?
  • How do we take advantage of what is different now?

Finding solutions to these questions will place your business in a stronger, more competitive and more sustainable position.

Business Acceleration and Ditching the Rear-View Mirror is about you and the ability of your business to innovate and challenge the status quo rather than accepting it.

Start by adopting a different set of Powerful Mindsets. Be: Questioning – How could we do that? How might we make it work? Open – this might be possible. Optimistic – we have a real chance of making this work and building a better future! Infinite – We have to keep going, we have to keep doing?

By getting your people fully engaged, incorporating their Powerful Mindsets and tapping into the Creativity and Know-How that already exists in your organisation, you can recharge and refresh your business to achieve significant breakthrough business results. Using this approach your business will develop a stronger competitive position, be better positioned to respond to future opportunities as they arise and achieve improvements across the business – improvements that will lead to impressive growth and improved profitability.

Collectively finding solutions to current key challenges and opportunities will create and develop a more engaged and committed team, better prepared and ready for other challenges that will inevitably occur on the road ahead once this pandemic is confined to history.

Article Written By
Graham Lawes – Tinderbox Development Director, South

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