The last few weeks have been unprecedented, to a degree, but disruption happens all the time in today’s fast moving, technology led markets – the key is how you deal with these disruptions.  We have been very active across the lockdown period and we are now offering our expertise to new clients to enable them to negotiate the choppy waters ahead and come through them successfully. The only businesses to succeed, for sure, are those that demonstrate flexibility, agility and show initiative. There will be big winners and sadly big losers. This initiative gives your business the best chance of being a big winner.

From August 1st 2020 for a short period we are offering a limited number of one day strategic review and planning sessions for clients and potential future clients involving a Tinderbox expert with real experience in your market and sector. Someone who has ‘worn the tee shirt’ and celebrated true business success in good and bad times. This review and planning exercise will ensure that, at the conclusion of it, you have:

  1. A clear and fresh Vision of where you are going to take the business (or options to consider)
  2. Knowledge of what needs to be done within your business (and with your people) to start you on that journey
  3. A comprehensive written plan that illustrates the steps you need to take on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to make the plan a reality.

The Review Includes:

  • A three hour session with you and your key management managed and facilitated by your own Tinderbox Expert to map out a clear vision for the business – i.e. where are we going/ what new routes do we need to consider/ take?
  • A clear path, mapped out, on what changes are necessary to get you from where you are now to where you want to get to
  • Who does what, when, where in that process? Defining clear accountabilities and responsibilities
    Specification of the next steps and an Action Plan that all can follow
  • Monthly follow up telephone calls to track progress for three months from your own Tinderbox expert to discuss and assist with progress
Achieving Excellent Outcomes

We facilitate this session in full and ensure that we get input and contribution from all involved. We compile a full report and action plan at the end of it giving you a programme and solid base to work from and ongoing support too. The investment for this work is £2,000 plus VAT. We only have the expert resource to carry out 100 of these sessions in August so places are limited. The sessions can be carried out in your premises if considered safe to do so, or via a video facility (Zoom). If the latter, we set that up and invite all of the attendees that you require at the meeting from your team and manage the whole process. In either case we facilitate, control and manage the whole session ensuring that your business and your people get the most from it.

To book your strategic review event with us click the button below and Register. We will come back to you and confirm a date. Alternatively get in touch with me direct at the contact numbers below. We fully expect these sessions to be booked up by mid-July so, if you are interested, please register that interest as above or contact us as soon as possible.

David Turner
Mob: 0774 702 3610