High Quality Building Supplies – Windows/ Doors

The Challenge/ Problem

After attending our Workshop the Finance Director approached us most concerned about margin ‘drift’ – from the conversation with him it was clear that the business had no real idea why margins were not where they should be.

The Action Taken

We met with the Managing Director and Finance Director at their premises and proposed that we conduct an analysis of the business starting with the Sales department. We attended customer meetings with four different sales people and it became very clear that the team had absolutely no idea how to sell and justify the price of what was a premium priced product.

From this we ascertained and proposed that we put together a specific training course to attack these areas of weakness with the sales team of seven.

The course was completed over four weeks and four of the salespeople came through with flying colours. Three could not grasp the changes in approach necessary and we advised the business of this.

The Outcome

We followed up six months after our involvement had concluded. We discovered from the Finance Director that margins had initially started to rise slightly and that latterly they had started to see excellent sales at full margin. The sales team reported that the new techniques were working well and that they were glad of our intervention.

The business was successfully sold one year later.

The Client’s Comments

‘Tinderbox have done an excellent job in sorting this out – we would definitely look to use them again in other areas’
J.L. Managing Director