A multi-billion dollar world leader in the Computer industry. Publicly quoted in the USA.

The Challenge/ Problem

The company had developed a highly interactive learning aid suitable for young children and upwards. It needed to understand and capitalise on new retail distribution channels and mount an innovative Marketing campaign. Much of this was foreign/ new to the company as no similar products had been developed historically. Expertise and help was needed to achieve their launch goals.

The Action Taken

We were assigned the task of setting and hitting acceptable targets with the Company to hit their launch goals. We did this via two meetings with them on likely trade distribution channels and volume anticipated.

We developed a persuasive selling proposition including pricing levels, trade terms and conditions. We created a launch platform at a major trade fair in London with an innovative and interactive booth which gained major trade interest and secured many follow up appointments.

Following the launch event we sold the product to the retail/ wholesale sector emphasising the business benefits to the retailer and of course the learning benefits to the young consumer. The process of selling to the sectors took four months in total. Following this we received confirmed listings, volume estimates and worked these into sales forecasts driving supply requisites (product made in Far East). Using this programme we optimised supply and use of working capital.

The Outcome

Launch volume and margin goals were exceeded in year one by 45% and 40% respectively. The assignment was for one calendar year.