A privately owned design & build business. Turnover £1.5 million.

The Challenge/ Problem

The above company had recently gone into receivership. Two of the three directors wanted to start afresh as a Newco and called us in to assist in the set up to, in their words, ‘get it right this time’.

The Action Taken

Working closely with the directors behind closed doors we led sessions that discussed strength and weaknesses. We pointed out that in a contract driven environment where success is reliant on design/build briefs coming in, the carrying of an in house workforce of designers/ builders was unwise and convinced them that the best route was by utilising quality sub contracted resource.

We scoped a pragmatic three year business/ sales plan and sat with the owners presenting to their finance sources. These plans and the new resource strategy were well received.

We then devised a sensible marketing/ sales approach taking into account that the directors’ previous business had failed which remained a sensitive issue with some customers. These potential roadblocks were overcome.

For the next few months a consultant attended monthly board meetings in a non executive capacity to offer advice and counsel the directors on appropriate actions.

The Outcome

First year targeted sales of £700,000 were exceeded by £50,000 at no margin dilution and the structure worked well. Current sales exceed £1.5 million. We were involved for 12 months.