A Logistics company, part of a palletised network with a turnover of £4 million.

The Challenge/ Problem

Following an introduction from their Accountant we found a business that was losing sales overall and despite an ability to win new business short term, was failing to hold on to the business.

The Action Taken

We undertook a review of the sales and marketing operation and the ability of the company to deliver on its promises to customers. We found that on the latter the company had a superb service record in terms of deliveries on time etc. etc. We worked with the sales team and witnessed sales calls first hand with interesting results. From this we prepared a full report and action plan.

The key issue was one of an inability to sell the company’s full service proposition persuasively which resulted in the immediate loss of the business as soon as a rival pallet delivery operation canvassed the customer and offered a slightly better pallet rate. We prepared a more effective sales presentation for the business and trained the sales team on using it. We measured the sales team’s ability to pick up the new techniques and understand them. We demonstrated how to do this.

The Outcome

The business added an additional £1 million in sales at increased profit margins versus historical which ‘stuck’ in the ensuing one year. This added an additional £200,000 in gross margin, providing a significant ROI for the client.

The Client Comments

‘I didn’t think that such results were achievable in our market at present – at full margin too – great result.’

R.W. Managing Director