£4 million Recruitment Company

The Challenge/ Problem

We were asked by a Senior Director of the business to meet with them after he attended one of our Business Workshops
On meeting them and discussing the issues we discovered that there was an uneven allocation of responsibility / workload which was leading to inefficiencies and poor client service. We also discovered that they were over reliant on one sector.

The Action Taken

The Company had joint MD’s who often had different opinions on direction etc. The equality of their positions led to procrastination and a lack of development within the business. We discussed with each MD, individually, what they sought from their career and the business and it became clear that one was seeking almost semi-retirement while the other was eager for more responsibility. We defined new roles for both – one Chairman and the other MD and also provided detailed job descriptions and responsibilities.
We reorganised their business structure and supplied all staff with Job Descriptions and specific goals. All fed through to the ‘new’ MD. When we departed after about two months involvement the business was in a much happier place with staff more motivated. The business had also won three new large clients.

What the Client Said

‘Tinderbox have provided a massive kick to the business from their insight and support. They have clearly defined what needs to be done and by whom and we feel confident that we now have the right platform to build from. Thank you’.

C.L. Chairman