Change – Threat or Opportunity?

Jack Welch saw change as simply a way of life and a major part of business. We always stress in our work that business is infinite, always changing and that any business that thinks it has done it will soon have a shock!

Trouble is most people don’t like change. But even in the 1980’s and 1990’s someone like Welch recognised that business change was happening at a faster and faster pace and disrupted how GE worked from top to bottom. Right now, the pace of change has gone to unprecedented levels.

Referring to our last article – having faced reality the proactive business owner can start to look at the things that need to change – this could be the company focus, products, attitudes, behaviours or other things. The key to success in change is to ensure that you bring your people with you on that journey. You want them to see change as an opportunity rather than a threat, Change is a fact of life that is not unique to business and can bring good things with it too. Change doesn’t always upset things and make them worse – in business change is often the spark that ignites a new idea or starts a new business or a revolutionary new product.

Here are some thoughts on how to make change in business work for you:

  • Know that change is here to stay – Recognise that change is with you and will never leave. If you accept that and deal with it, you will have a competitive edge over those who cannot deal with it
  • Expect the least expected, but move quickly to stay ahead – You simply cannot predict exactly what’s coming down the track – e.g. coronavirus – often the difference between success and failure is getting moving on things while competition simply ‘regroup’.
  • Prepare those around you for change that will inevitably affect their lives – Not only do you need to be prepared but so do the people around you. Talk of change in a positive light so people don’t fear it. Speak of it as an opportunity and not a threat.

To quote Welch:
‘The game is going to change and change drastically’

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