Don’t Sidestep the Ugly Truth

We talk a lot in our articles about the need to adopt a positive rather than a limiting mindset. We know from our experience that limiting mindsets can strangle development opportunities and therefore really impact the growth of a business and its ultimate potential.

But positive mindsets should never mask the reality, the (sometimes) ugly truth that pretty well every single business has to face at some time in its life.

As an example, re-organisations and restructurings within a business can create a sense of a business doing something positive. Of course, companies should re-organise and re-structure, that is the way a business evolves, but if the response to, let’s say, negative data that is staring you in the face is to re-organise/ restructure to solve the problem – you may well be in denial and ignoring the ugly truth. You therefore end up treating the symptom and not the cause – not a good situation! Rather like responding to a serious medical diagnosis by re-arranging your living room.

Don’t ignore what is the truth about your business because the sooner you identify what is REALLY causing the problem you are facing and tackle THAT challenge, the sooner you will be back on course.
Some signs to watch out for that may indicate you aren’t being entirely truthful:

1) Pushing the Positive and Discounting the Negative


Negative data is too easily ‘explained away’ rather than presuming that something might be wrong and investigating.

2) Aiming High without Evaluation


Setting ambitious goals can be a really good thing. Aiming high has been proven to generate better results in many situations but you cannot aim high if that aim flies in the face of the facts that currently exist in your business. Aiming high means that you need a firm base to start with otherwise those rocky foundation will shatter any ambitious plans.

3) Incurring Risk based an ‘Ambiguous’ Data


When faced with ambiguous data and decisions that therefore have a potentially severe or catastrophic downside, in these situations, leadership simply adopts a positive view of the data and runs the risk of ‘sinking the ship’.

 4) Loss of Healthy Team Debate


Dialogue and debate happens less and less within the business. Both in a qualitative and quantitative sense. There is a clear shift to what seems more like dictatorial management rather than the process of healthy disagreement and different opinions. As a result, there is less of a unified team commitment to the decisions made.

5) Blaming External Factors


Rather than accepting responsibility for setbacks and failures, leaders point to external factors or other people to affix blame “What can we do in this market?”, “This is all down to our customers pressurising us on price”.

6) Obsession with Re-organising


Rather than confronting the ‘ugly truth’, the business re-organises continually. As a result, people are increasingly preoccupied with internal politics ‘’I’ll make sure I am OK’’ – rather than external conditions and the real challenges.

A simple question for you as a business owner ‘’Can you recognise any of the above traits in your business?’’

Now is the time to be truthful for ignoring these could cost you and your business significantly in the future. If none apply to you, good. If any do apply take action to resolve what is the REAL cause of the issues you face and confront that ugly truth, tackling it head on with the right solutions. By doing this you could save your business from having to grasp at lifelines further down the road.

Face the truth and take the right course of action.

We can help you evaluate where your really are honestly and objectively and once done can put you on the path to success and more success.

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