Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow…

So sang Fleetwood Mac and this is so true in business – tomorrow and how you fashion it is really all that matters – today is history tomorrow and what has gone by will never happen again.

One of the most important things that helps businesses fashion a better tomorrow is marketing – we simply don’t understand why some businesses stop marketing when they are busy – as though ‘we have enough – stop the tap’.

Conversely when businesses are not doing so well, along with training (another mistake), marketing is one of the first casualties when things must be ‘cut’. But this cut is the one that will ‘cut the deepest’ as the business concerned is not thinking about tomorrow and tomorrow is what is crucial for any business. Why would somebody cut something that should be the most productive part of the business?

When Kimberley Clark Senior VP, ‘Chainsaw’ Al Dunlap, took over Scott Paper in the late 1980’s, he needed to make some serious cuts in business costs – he looked at areas that were not productive and made his cuts there. Dunlap was, as his nickname suggests, notorious for his cost cutting but marketing was never in his thoughts!!

We simply could not agree more.

Effective marketing takes time to compound, it takes time to make its mark. Remember:

  • Marketing TODAY gets you in front of people tomorrow.
  • Getting in front of people tomorrow gets meetings in the diary for next week.
  • Meetings in the diary creates customers/ clients.

The simple truth is that by ‘canning’ marketing short term you will almost certainly lose out longer term. No pipeline means no future profit – pretty simple.

So, even if things are going well and your business is ‘very busy’ – don’t stop marketing. Keep the pipeline ‘pump’ primed and take care of tomorrow and your business.

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The Tinderbox Team

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