Blended Learning is an approach to training & development that combines online learning materials and opportunities for interaction online along with traditional face-to-face in-person interactions and classroom style sessions.

Tinderbox offers a Blended Learning solution. We assist businesses to have highly skilled and high-performing team members. We assist businesses to have high performing and powerful teams comprised of highly skilled and capable individuals.

We Specialise In:

We utilise our suite of online learning courses – E-Learn – to provide the initial knowledge and then assist with our online support – E-Coach – we can then build upon this with a bespoke course to address any concerns and build upon the initial knowledge acquisition. We are here to assist and support you to convert the learning into becoming a skilled practitioner.

Many do not understand the difference between Leadership & Management and countless think leaders are born not made. Having operated in senior business leadership roles we understand the difference and we know that leadership skills and behaviours can be learned. We are here to support your understanding and development of these key business skills.

Product knowledge, sales skills and sales process are key to being successful in sales, but there is so much more to the successful salesperson. We can bring our experience and expertise to assist in the development of a high-performing sales force.

Do you want to lead and be part of a high-performing team? We understand the Behaviours and Characteristics of Powerful Teams. We will help you understand where your team’s current strengths and weaknesses lie and assist you to embark on the journey to become a highly effective and high performing business team.

The key challenge is to apply the new knowledge and make it part of every working day. We will travel the journey with you and be there to keep you on the path. Tap into our experience and expertise, start by clicking below.

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