Why E-Coach

The key to any successful training or skills development initiative is making it stick. This is where many training initiatives fail. Taking and applying the new knowledge to become skilled in the application is where many fall down and find that is actually more difficult than first thought. By falling down in the application many then give up and revert to old habits and practices – the training just does not stick! This is where coaching comes in – a helping hand to get back up and go again, providing guidance of how to improve the application of the knowledge and transferring it into a competence.

Tinderbox E-Coach

Have you completed one of our E-Learn courses and are now encountering some challenges in applying the knowledge you have gained? Would you like support and assistance in using this newfound knowledge? We are here to assist and support you to convert the learning into becoming a skilled practitioner.

We assist businesses to have highly skilled and high-performing team members. We assist businesses to have highly effective and powerful teams comprised of highly skilled and capable individuals. The key challenge is to make it stick and we will travel the journey with you and be there to keep you on the path. Tap into our experience and expertise, start by clicking below.

We offer a no-charge, no obligation 1-hour web-based exploratory meeting to discuss your SITUATION , the ISSUES & CHALLENGES this is creating, the CONSEQUENCES & IMPACT these have on you and the BENEFITS that would be created for you by overcoming them.

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