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How top Salespeople give customers a better Sales ‘experience’ and get better outcomes for their company

As a business owner/ manager are you suffering from downward price pressure from customers, upward price pressure from suppliers, margin dilution, drifting customers and/or flat/ declining sales? Whilst it may be no consolation you are in the same situation as many SME’s. But how can you reverse the trend?

By approaching your market and customer base more effectively, that’s how!

For many years sales training for professionals has largely revolved around being able to be a good listener, asking questions that gather key information from the customer and thereby establishing the ‘holy grail’ – customer needs.

Many of the today’s businesses (your competitors) are already at that stage with their customers and therefore businesses can’t really distinguish between you and they in any way. The products on offer, the customer service provided and the price on offer are all pretty much the same. How can your sales team help differentiate you and give today’s demanding customers what they want and improve results and loyalty?

Your business has to think differently – you have to start getting customers to learn something from the sales experience with your team rather than just feel they are buying something from somebody.

So how do the top salespeople of today teach their customers and add real value?

Here are a few of the things they add that makes them better than their competition. They:-

  • provide unique and valuable market knowledge and perspectives
  • help navigate the customer to better alternatives
  • provide ongoing advice and consultation
  • help the customer avoid potential pitfalls
  • educate the customer on new matters, market developments and advise on new opportunities

Our comprehensive research has shown that today’s sought after customers aren’t really too bothered about the discovery skills of the salesperson but more their ability to teach them something they didn’t know and thus open new doors or directions for them. This input really adds value and makes the half hour/ hour spent in the company of the salesperson well worthwhile providing a key differentiator versus competition and thereby encouraging the type of customer loyalty that all businesses seek with better results as well.

This is just a small selection of the tools we introduce that transform business performance for our clients. We specialise in training in and introducing these and many other great techniques to our clients’ businesses – Contact us now for a no obligation meeting to see how we might help your business.


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David Turner

Managing Director