Everything’s Fine versus Facing Reality

It is always worth evaluating the words and actions of the great business leader of the 1980’s and 1990’s, Jack Welch. Welch led GE to enormous success while completely changing their business and their approach to business. On reflection elements of his approach have real credibility and great value today.

Talking about today and more importantly tomorrow. Right now there is a harsh reality that still remains with us, a Pandemic that is damaging almost every market and for many businesses, who refuse to face that reality and dealing with what emanates from it, this could well mean ‘curtains’. All business must accept that it simply cannot be ‘business as usual’ and that business will never be the same as it was.

But things don’t need to end in disappointment or indeed tragedy. But things will not get better on their own. Facing reality will probably mean doing things that are not popular. People never want to accept or hear that ‘business is poor’ or that some people will need to be ‘laid off’. But the person who thinks that ‘things just have to get better’ is simply not facing the reality of the situation we all face. Only adaptability, flexibility and initiative that brings business change in what are very changed markets will make things better and provide a real opportunity for significant advancement.

Don’t kid yourself, rather view things as they really are or to quote the author Jim Collins be prepared to  ‘confront the ugly truth’.

Here are some tips:

  • Take a look at things with a fresh eye. It is often the case, particularly with owner/ managers, that people are too close to matters to see the truth. Change that perspective by looking at your situation as an outsider might (or get a qualified outsider like Tinderbox to take a look for you!). Start with a blank sheet of paper and write down the realities of the situation you face and need to assess. This approach may allow you to see things in a more detached manner.
  • Avoid the ‘false scenario’ trap – Too many in business assume that ‘things will get better’. That could be a big trap, you cannot create the future on wishes. Actions are the things that count and plans need to be put in place right now to deal with situations where things aren’t going to get better on their own.
  • Leave yourself with options. The best time to change things is when you want to, not when you are forced to. In assessing situations construct several different scenarios based on different events/ outcomes. You should always have a ‘plan B’ to execute if things do not go as planned.

As Jack Welch said:

‘How do you bring people into the change process? Start with reality. When everybody gets the same facts, they will generally come to the same conclusion’

Massive business decisions need to be made now – these may not be palatable, but they must be taken to give every business the best chance of future success. We are seeing success with a number of our clients in the most difficult trading situations which proves that success is out there, you just need to do the right things to grab your piece of it.

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