Excelling in the Face of Uncertainty…

The current situation is tough for all. We are treated to a daily update on the facts and besieged by media stories and social media extremities that create many things – fear, anxiety, economic pressure, worries about the future. These are troubling times – but some people and some businesses, as a result of how these people act and think, will come out of this period in MUCH better shape than their competition and go on to reach impressive new heights.

The reason – they don’t let their emotions and concerns paralyse them. They are aware of the facts and in the face of uncertainty want to be aware of ALL OPTIONS. They are focusing on the future – the past is GONE, the present will be gone tomorrow and the future is all that counts. Tomorrow’s business world will be very different to anything that went before and will be littered with immense opportunities for business leaders who think broadly, think creatively and make decisions based on the probabilities that the future offers – forgetting the past.

Research shows that those that utilise a broader mindset have more optimism and remain calmer under pressure. They understand that even in worst case scenarios there ARE options and that they can do something. Too many people in business ‘dream vaguely but dread precisely’ when actually we should flip that!

Now is the time not to worry to the extent that nothing is done as a result of things like the furlough plan. That will cause business paralysis and businesses who think like that will become a sad statistic in the near future. Now is the time to exercise your mind to the opportunities that could exist and exercise the minds of your people too. Take a walk in your employees’ shoes. In these stressful times for them, if you engaged them in just thinking about the future possibilities and opportunities for the business it would make them feel valued, part of the bigger picture, motivate them and give them belief that when this passes (and it will!) things will be not as good but potentially BETTER than before. Time to ‘Dread vaguely and dream precisely.’ Take the mental brake off both your thoughts and the thoughts of your people – encourage and allow them to think creatively about what could be done or done better to give your business a real competitive advantage. You will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome if this is done right.

As Einstein said:
‘Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.’

Make your dreams a reality and bring your people with you through these troubled waters to experience even better times!

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