François Contreiras

Regional Director - South East England

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François Contreiras is a highly experienced director with a strong background in technology innovation and driving business growth through enhanced customer experience. With over 30 years of experience in integrating innovation to support business changes, François possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise. He has honed his skills through his tenure at prestigious technology consultancy firms, delivering impactful changes and driving multi-million revenue growth by implementing carefully tailored Target Operating Models that promote operational excellence. François is widely recognised for his exceptional negotiation and influencing skills, particularly in engaging stakeholders at the C-Level and senior levels, fostering collaborative successes.

While François has primarily focused on supporting corporate client business development throughout his professional journey, his recent experiences have led him to consider sharing his expertise with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). He brings a results-oriented approach, with expertise in agile ways of working, value realisation, and business transformation. François deeply understands the significance of prioritising customer needs and exceeding their expectations. His sound judgment and decision-making abilities enable him to effectively analyse complex situations, evaluate options, and drive successful outcomes for businesses.

In addition to his professional endeavours, François finds fulfilment in his personal life. He is devoted to his family and enjoys engaging in complex DIY projects, particularly restoring houses and vintage cars. François also maintains an active lifestyle through his passion for sports, boasting a black belt in Judo and regularly swimming 10 miles per week.

With his comprehensive skill set, extensive experience, and dedication to excellence, François Contreiras is a versatile professional who brings value to any organization seeking to achieve business growth and operational excellence.

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