Good Things Come In Threes

We have been running a significant number of highly valued webinars across the period of lockdown with our intermediary partners and their customers – our focus has been on dealing with the future and not the past.
Why ignore the past? It’s not that we ignore what businesses have achieved – of course not – but, in reality, what they have achieved is irrelevant. If business owners want their businesses to succeed going forward only the future counts. A future that can be much, much brighter than anything that has gone if the right approaches are used.
In our Webinars we talk about three key things a business must have:




Without these three aspects being in place transitioning to new hugely changed and very challenging marketplace will prove a bridge too far for many businesses. It’s no use thanking the bank or the government for their help in these unprecedented times because all the money provided will simply postpone the inevitable if businesses cannot change significantly. Change will affect people, suppliers and customers and the right decisions need to be made to ensure that the business can thrive.
Our triangular thinking concept – picturing a Step Change, harnessing Know How and incorporating Creative Thinking has transformed many SME’s fortunes over our ten year history – combined with the three elements specified above it forms a dynamic approach to ensuring that a business becomes a leader not a follower for it is the leaders that will thrive as we return to work and our markets in the Autumn.

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David Turner

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