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Graham discovered his passion for business shortly after graduating when he randomly selected a book in the local bookstore. It was simply called “Management” and he took it home and devoured it. It happened to be written by a certain Peter F Drucker! Graham knew there and then that he wanted to develop his career in business leadership. Although he is passionate about learning, it is not the knowledge that creates his passion for business it is the application of that knowledge and using it to improve business performance. To make businesses more successful.

What followed was a 30-year career in the corporate business world with over 25 years of strategic business leadership; leading and building businesses from start-up to scaling businesses with a multi-location international footprint. The experiences and expertise Graham gained enables him to use his ability to think through a scenario and develop logical and practical solutions to the business challenges that exist in today’s business world. Focused on the outcome and with the tenacity to navigate through the challenges Graham can be relied upon to provide advice, strategic insight and support to the business owner, board and wider management team in the pursuit of their goals.

If you are a busy and driven business owner or leader you are more than likely to be time poor? You probably have aspirations to grow and improve your business performance? The bottom line is you want your business to be more successful!

Graham brings his expertise and resource as ‘helping hands’ to assist businesses on their journey.

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