Hierarchy or Intellect?

Too few businesses unlock the huge power of the vast ‘human computer’ that sits within their organisation. There are still far too many employees out there who are simply doing a job, exercising a minute amount of their brain capacity and potential to contribute. This is where lack of motivation kicks in – doing a job isn’t the same as having responsibility.

Why are we still seeing so much ‘job versus responsibility’? In most companies it is still Managers who rule and workers who listen and simply do what Management says. This is folly of course, in many ways, but not least because it assumes that only Management has good ideas. Management monopoly.

Think of things another way – business is all about utilising intellect and the more people that contribute by being allowed to think and use their intellect, the more ideas are generated. But to start this process a business must encourage employees to articulate their ideas and contribute.

The aim should be to let an environment of ideas and intellect flourish over tradition and hierarchy. In an organisation that encourages and welcomes input, people are given access to information and challenged to think about new ideas and opportunities. This leads to creative solutions to problems. By moving in this direction your Company will get much more out of the whole team who start to feel part of the future and the solution as they see some of their ideas are taken up and implemented. Be careful not just to make it the ‘fad of the week’ either – be committed to the long-term continuation of this approach as a ‘way of life’. Being open to ideas from everywhere.

The key is to adopt the best ideas REGARDLESS of where they originate.

Some tips for you:

  • Spend an hour a week keeping track on what competitors are doing: Spend time on their Websites, or looking at their promotional activity or catalogues (if still issued)
  • Offer a reward for the best idea: People like to be rewarded and something simple but meaningful, when a great idea is provided, goes a long way to encourage input
  • Make your Company a Training and Learning business: Organisations that are committed to helping their people learn and encourage more positive and creative input will achieve long lasting positive results. Allowing people to develop by using their intellect and using that brainpower should be an integral part of the Company philosophy and will improve the motivation factor manifold

To quote Jack Welch……
The desire and the ability of an organisation to continuously learn from any source, anywhere and to rapidly convert this learning into action, is its ultimate competitive advantage’

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