In Tough Economic Times – Look For Business Growth

The pressures continue to build on business – high energy costs, higher interest rates and so on. Cost bases are increasing and inevitably this affects the bottom line.

Often the first course of action a business takes is to ‘batten down the hatches’, reduce costs and tighten belts with a view to protecting profitability. Whilst practical and in all cases prudent to review costs and cut out expenditure that really adds no value, the area that should be looked at in some depth and sadly is looked at far too infrequently, is the generation of a greater and more profitable top line – Sales.

We have worked with hundreds of businesses over the last ten years or more and many, many of them have been missing out on superb sales opportunities because they never considered them. Too few SME’s look at their front end and assess how effective it is. How good is your sales operation compared to your competition? There are so many things that could be costing your business sales and profits – things like:

A lack of enthusiasm and motivation from your sales team.

Failure to listen actively to the customer – thereby not assessing needs correctly.

From the above, not matching your sales solutions to customer needs.

A lack of awareness of opportunities in other sectors/ market segments that you could serve.

An inability to sell price increases leading to price concessions and margin drift.

Our results, when working with customers in the toughest economic climates, focusing on sales are pretty impressive:

  • A 50% increase in sales and profitability from a business supplying Toy products – achieved in 2 years after a short engagement/ involvement with us.
  • A 25% increase in sales at full margin for a major Logistics company in 1 year as a result of our involvement.
  • A 66% increase in sales for a Design and Build business over eighteen months following a short period of help from us.

These are just a few of our many successes in this area, so, rather than just try and cut your way to holding on to those profits – think about increasing your sales line. We can assure you that the opportunities are there, whatever your market and if we get involved, we will pinpoint the areas that need attention and action and get you on the way to greater and more profitable sales.

We’ll meet you free of charge and with no obligation for an hour or so to discuss your challenges and talk to you about how we work and why it can bring greater success for you and your business no matter what the overall economic/ market situation is.

Contact us to take advantage of this opportunity on or call us on 0116 232 5231.

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The Tinderbox Team

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