Your people – assets or potential liabilities?

It is all down to how you manage them...

The upsides of good people management:-

  • Staff know what is expected of them and they work productively and flexibly because they know
  • The basics are all in place and right, from pay and benefits to proper contracts and policies that protect you and your staff
  • You know how to recruit appropriately and develop the right people.

The downsides of poor people management:-

  • You take your eye off the people because you are focused on business imperatives - which are the things you like to work on.
  • You are hit by:
    • An unexpected Employment Tribunal claim which will steal your time, however unjustified it may be.
    • The loss of a key member of staff because they thought they weren't valued.
    • Unplanned costs because you weren't prepared for compulsory employer contributions to your employees' pension plan.

We can ensure that you build on the upside and avoid or prepare for the possible downsides. You might still get an ET without merit. We will deal with it for you.

We will also help you in the other key employment areas:-

  • Helping you ensure you have a robust and effective selection process that is also legally-compliant
  • Reviewing your contracts, pay, benefits and policies to ensure that you give the right messages to your staff in a cost-effective way and also be legallycompliant
  • Developing a performance management approach so that your staff know what is expected of them, have clear roles and objectives and are helped to develop their skills
  • Offering you and senior colleagues regular coaching sessions so that you can talk about and resolve the difficult issues in your pending trays. The things that we might put off and then they catch us unawares.

'People issues' can be managed effectively and that will increase your business effectiveness. There's nothing to be gained from grumbling about employment law. It provides a protection for employers and can be dealt with successfully as long as you act reasonably and fairly, which is probably what you want to do anyway.

We can help you in all these areas so that you can focus on the business priorities, knowing that the people side is well-protected and supports the business.

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