The perils and pitfalls of Recruitment

We often work with clients and provide assistance recruiting key personnel for them. Many clients have had frustrating recruitment experience in the past, they ask “Why is it so difficult to get the right person to fit our requirements?’

Their previous recruitment experiences have typically seen them receive a selection of CVs (possibly from a Recruitment Agency) of candidates who appear to have the right credentials. They are then left to select the person who has the right experience and skills to fit within their Company.

Our experience tells us that businesses should follow some important steps to give themselves the best chance of recruitment success:-

  • Clearly define the role before the recruitment starts in terms of specific accountability and responsibility.
  • Brief the Recruitment Agency (if used) and supply the Job Description before they start their work.
  • If paying a Recruitment firm don’t accept a ‘pile’ of CVs. It is their job to short list for you.
  • Don’t take the CV at face value – at the interview - test it, ask for ‘gaps’ to be explained, recognise career progress and be sceptical of ‘job hopping’, ask for specific evidence of their personal achievements and beware the ‘we achieved’ statements.
  • Follow the ‘has done, will do’ principle. If someone has exhibited a trait or behaviour before they are likely to do it again.
  • Make sure you are appointing someone with the right approach – picture them as part of your team – will the ‘chemistry’ work?  If someone “doesn’t fit in” it will be difficult for them to perform to their best and could even prove counter-productive for the business.
  • Ascertain clearly why the candidate is looking to move? Positive reasons – career advancement, a more stretching/ challenging role, progress blocked at current company. Not so positive – ‘I need a fresh challenge’, ‘I want more money’, ‘my current company doesn’t recognise my ability’.

It often helps to have some experienced, neutral and objective expertise involved at an early stage in the Recruitment process. This advice can help you to get it right first time and avoid frustrating failure by narrowing down the options at an early stage thus saving you time and allowing you to focus on getting the right fit for the business and get on with doing business.

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