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. #5 You don’t need B2B Customers… You need to build partnerships All good salespeople routinely think about what their customer needs from them and align their services and products. ... Read More

Publish Date: 17th, March 2020

Achieving Excellent Meeting Outcomes

Step 1: The Importance of Preparation For any organisation that faces customers or suppliers, whether it be in meetings, discussions or in making a presentation, it is important to make those meet... Read More

Publish Date: 5th, March 2020

Ease the pain

How top Salespeople give customers a better Sales 'experience' and get better outcomes for their company As a business owner/ manager are you suffering from downward price pressure from customers, ... Read More

Publish Date: 18th, February 2020

The Map of the World is not the Territory

It is someone’s interpretation of what the territory looks like. Canaletto’s interpretation of the Doge’s Palace in Venice definitely looks like the building but looks nothing like t... Read More

Publish Date: 4th, February 2020

“Change, why change? Things are bad enough already”

These words were (apparently) spoken by the then Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury, in the late 19th Century. Renowned for his cynicism he certainly lets his feelings be known about the benefits of chang... Read More

Publish Date: 19th, December 2019

Why Making Mistakes Can Be Good For Business

I just listened to a brief clip featuring the late Steve Jobs in front of an audience of shareholders/ interested parties. In the clip Jobs received some significant criticism from one particular guy ... Read More

Publish Date: 18th, November 2019

The Value of Business 'Drills'

With so much uncertainty around Brexit and the factors that surround it many businesses are wondering what they should do to protect themselves against any eventuality. We were recently part of a b... Read More

Publish Date: 23rd, October 2019

Catching Up Too Late or Staying Ahead??

The Thomas Cook news at this present time seems hard to believe in some ways: A major brand name (‘household’ would be an apt description) A decent product/ service Strong advertisi... Read More

Publish Date: 23rd, September 2019

Is Knowing Obsolete?

I only pose the question because I came across it in “A More Beautiful Question” by Warren Berger who stumbled across the work of Dr. Sugata Mitra, who has, for years, been conducting very... Read More

Publish Date: 18th, July 2019

How Not to Negotiate...

How Not to Negotiate ‐ a Political Lesson Like millions of us I am so frustrated with the whole Brexit issue! As someone who has done many ‘deals’ in business this is truly a lesso... Read More

Publish Date: 21st, June 2019

sat too long...

‘You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately... Depart, I say; and let us have done with you’ Oliver Cromwell This huge condemnation of the effectiveness of King C... Read More

Publish Date: 31st, May 2019

Are you tough enough?

To take objective and constructive criticism of your business? Do you want to grow/ generate huge amounts of additional profit? Then get the right help/advice! We liken our initial work with clien... Read More

Publish Date: 18th, May 2019


Watching BBC morning news programme the other day I saw a special feature on a Pastie company that had emerged from a difficult time and had significantly increased its daily production, via huge impr... Read More

Publish Date: 15th, May 2019

KFC: Right Strategy - Poor Execution?

As KFC almost said, ‘We had one job to do and……’ When your value chain is highly dependent upon one link you had better make sure the link works – simply put… ... Read More

Publish Date: 7th, March 2018

Developing the Millennial Workforce

All businesses, whether ‘Blue Chip’ Multi Nationals or SME’s, employ millennials these days and we thought it useful to share with you some opinions that we hear fairly regularly abo... Read More

Publish Date: 26th, January 2018

Little and Large

No not a comedy duo - more serious that that! These last few days I have been waiting at home for a visit by a plumber to fix a problem I have with my hot water system. After paying for materials in... Read More

Publish Date: 19th, January 2018

Recruitment, Development and Retention of the Millennial Employee

Whatever happened to staff loyalty to the Company? Interesting question isn’t it? You could equally reverse this and say ‘whatever happened to the Company’s loyalty to the employee&... Read More

Publish Date: 23rd, December 2017

Palmer and Harvey - Channel Management and Thinking About the Future

The demise of Palmer & Harvey the once great Wholesale conglomerate with a loss of 2,500 jobs is not a great Xmas present for those unfortunate employees. The company has collapsed into Administra... Read More

Publish Date: 6th, December 2017

UK Industrial Strategy.. What Might It Mean For SMEs

A new Industrial Strategy from Government does not often get SME Leaders out of bed in the morning. But does the latest tome offer any guidance to businesses seeking to grow in the turbulent environme... Read More

Publish Date: 30th, November 2017

How to Make Your Own Luck in Business

You will never find a rainbow if you are always looking down’ Charlie Chaplin How many times in your business career have you heard the expression – ‘they got lucky?’ or as i... Read More

Publish Date: 25th, October 2017

Incremental or Breakthrough Growth

I watched an interesting piece on BBC Breakfast TV the other day. The reporter was at a business in the North of England involved in glass moulding in various ways. The Managing Director – clear... Read More

Publish Date: 13th, October 2017

Disruption 'Toys are for them' and 'Package holidays unpackaged'

Another couple of companies that once led in their business segment have encountered serious Trading issues. 'Toys R Us’, a birthday and Christmas salvation to any parents currently over the a... Read More

Publish Date: 6th, October 2017

Reputation, A Company Value Built Over Years That Can Be Lost In Months

All companies seek to project a good reputation. And a good reputation should be protected. If the company uses reputation as a key part of its business model it also becomes a vulnerability. Just as... Read More

Publish Date: 3rd, October 2017


The word UBER is of German origin originally meaning over or above. The crossover of the word from German to English goes back to the late 19th century when, as happens with German words, it was pref... Read More

Publish Date: 29th, September 2017

The Positive Attitude To Change

We are, by and large, creatures of habit. Even at a senior level in business we get bogged down in the minutia of running the business day to day and only when something forces change do we do somethi... Read More

Publish Date: 28th, September 2017

Lessons for SMEs from General Electric

Later this year Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE will stand down after 16 years leading the company through a significant change process, while increasing earnings by a multiple. Immelt has given a rare intervi... Read More

Publish Date: 14th, September 2017

What to Do Next - Leadership Time Challenge

As managers/ leaders we have all come across situations where we are beset with lots of problems and on the face of it they all need tackling now. Ideally you need to focus your attention on fixing th... Read More

Publish Date: 1st, September 2017

Persuasion - The Ultimate Skill

How do you persuade someone to do something? What tactics do you use? Are you someone who:- Uses your authority or position of power over them? Pushes hard and sell using features and LOTS of bene... Read More

Publish Date: 24th, August 2017

Counting the Cost of Ineffective Selling

One of our Partners recently forwarded me a Harvard Business Review article from the USA relating to why salespeople fail to ‘close the deal’. The Review’s findings were based on a s... Read More

Publish Date: 10th, August 2017

March of the Machines

"He's more machine now than man" - Obi Wan Kenobi on Darth Vader - Return of the Jedi Someone brought to our attention an article the other day, within it the author claimed that soon CEO’... Read More

Publish Date: 8th, August 2017

Push For 'Dough' - Not For Show!!

Do you know what makes profit in your business? Do you know the products and services that provide the cream? Do you know the customers that make you money? Conversely are you aware of those produc... Read More

Publish Date: 29th, July 2017

Equipping Your Team Adequately for Management

One of the biggest traps SME owners fall into is in making themselves irreplaceable. This manifests itself most often when the owner/ owners decide to sell up and find that, if an external buyer is lo... Read More

Publish Date: 19th, July 2017

Productivity - the Essence of Successful Business

A recent BBC report has picked up on the latest figures from the ONS (Office of National Statistics).  This report indicated that, in the last quarter:- ‘The productivity of UK workers has... Read More

Publish Date: 13th, July 2017

Step Change Performance The Second Ingredient - Know How...

‘The sorts of action steps an organisation comes up with, the sorts of knowledge it seeks, the sorts of thinking it uses, are directly related to the size of the goal pictured in people’s ... Read More

Publish Date: 9th, July 2017

5 Best Friends and How to Use Them

We recently penned an article relating to the need to practice active listening. This is a real skill and if handled well provides the exponent with valuable information that they can then use to clin... Read More

Publish Date: 5th, July 2017

Becoming an Active Listener

What makes a top class salesperson? What is the quality that all of the very best salespeople demonstrate above all else? I have heard many business owners and managers say that ‘the ability to ... Read More

Publish Date: 30th, June 2017

The Buying 'Nibbles' That Can Cost You a Fortune...

All B2B businesses need to be aware of tactics, techniques and, yes, simply habits used by people buying from them that enhance the buying position and weaken the return that the seller receives from ... Read More

Publish Date: 27th, June 2017

The Importance of Really Knowing What Your Customer Expects

It might be a little insensitive to draw lessons from a failed election campaign and a tragic fire in a London tower block but they might suggest reasons for companies to think even harder about the... Read More

Publish Date: 22nd, June 2017

Mindsets and Mindfulness

I took a transatlantic flight a week or two ago and in looking for something to read (being mindful!) I picked up a book called ‘Mindfulness’. It had a few very useful pieces in it by este... Read More

Publish Date: 21st, June 2017

Does the United Airlines incident hold lessons for SMEs?

SME‘s by virtue of the ‘S‘, almost certainly have fewer customers than United Airlines. But they are just as important. This is an extreme incident, one that might have origins in ... Read More

Publish Date: 14th, June 2017

Effective and Rewarding Negotiation

We negotiate every day of our lives. We may not realise it but we do. Whether it is negotiating to appease or persuade a difficult child, with friends or work colleagues we all negotiate in some way, ... Read More

Publish Date: 12th, June 2017

Time to Grow Significantly and Profitably

The cost of capital at present remains relatively lower than we have experienced in the past. For some businesses the real term after-tax cost of capital is almost zero. This indicates that in many... Read More

Publish Date: 6th, June 2017

Growth - The Journey Beyond Incrementalism

A number of the businesses we have worked with over the last few years have not just grown but grown SPECTACULARLY. They have truly achieved what could only be classified as Step Change/ Breakthrough ... Read More

Publish Date: 4th, June 2017

Inertia or Habit?

The recent Tory manifesto commitment to cap Standard Tariffs for electricity and gas supplies once again raises the question; despite cost advantages of switching why do so many utility customers stay... Read More

Publish Date: 15th, May 2017

Inspect Not Expect - Premiership Selling

There is a bit of a paradox going on within business at the moment and we come across it a lot. We have many clients who have absolute pride (quite rightly) in their product or service, often because ... Read More

Publish Date: 30th, April 2017

Negotiating Power and Limits. Tesco and Unilever

We have just had a remarkable (and quite rare) situation occur in the fast moving Grocery market. Tesco took a firm stance against Unilever and effectively decided to de-list certain products (e.g. Ma... Read More

Publish Date: 24th, October 2016

Volkswagen and the Pitfalls of The Blame Game

We are no doubt all aware of the troubles surrounding the previously “untouchable” VAG Group, who in an effort to become the biggest car manufacturer in the world (overtaking Toyota) would... Read More

Publish Date: 2nd, October 2015

The Truth - In Real Time

BIPPPS – Business Information: Policies Procedures, Processes and Systems Does your business struggle with manual processes? People trapped behind spreadsheets? Businesses have a habit of gr... Read More

Publish Date: 29th, July 2015

Debunking the Brainstorming Myth

How do you feel about ‘brainstorming’? Ever used it? Ever tried it? What has your experience been? Brainstorming really gets a mixed press – we have spoken to many business owners a... Read More

Publish Date: 28th, July 2015

Uncover Hidden Profits in your Business

Many businesses spend time, effort and resource in an attempt to increase sales as a method of increasing the profitability of the business. While no one can disagree that it is right to get the &lsqu... Read More

Publish Date: 6th, March 2015

Transforming The Family Business

We work with many family owned/run businesses in the SME sector. Many have been running successfully for a century or more and carry with them some important qualities and values. What we see in abund... Read More

Publish Date: 17th, February 2015

2015 The Year of Momentum

We have been amazed at the speed with which 2015 has started with record levels of interest in our services from businesses around the country and a very productive January in terms of new Partners in... Read More

Publish Date: 16th, February 2015

Tinderbox link with The Bank of England

Recently we presented at a Business Seminar in Birmingham to a number of businesses. The event was organised by one of the new “Challenger Banks” – click here to find out moreand we ... Read More

Publish Date: 16th, October 2014

Some say Business Dies in the Summer months - not Tinderbox...

Highlights Include: Another new Associate Partner joins us to develop our Manchester and NW Region.  We are delighted to announce the addition of Ray Tarr to the team.  Ray is an Internati... Read More

Publish Date: 16th, October 2014

Our Busiest Ever Quarter

We are delighted to report our busiest ever quarter for the business across April to June. Highlights included……. We launched our Step Change/ Breakthrough Workshop with HSBC Commercia... Read More

Publish Date: 8th, July 2014

Get off the Merry Go Round

Get off the ‘merry go round’ and start moving forward – NOW! The ‘merry go round’ of Sales solutions failing is something we often come across with our new Clients, they... Read More

Publish Date: 27th, March 2014

Banks Ready to lend to Small Businesses

This article appeared on the BBC News website recently……. Banks are more willing to lend than small businesses think, says the British Bankers' Association (BBA), as it launches a year... Read More

Publish Date: 23rd, January 2014

Signing off 2013.....

2013 has been another exciting year in Tinderbox’s development. Following three and a half years of continued success in the Midlands Region, we launched our National roll out and commenced oper... Read More

Publish Date: 19th, December 2013

National Expansion Nov / Dec 2013

This communication was recently sent to individulas who have enquired about the Tinderbox Franchise - feel free to forward it to anyone who might be interested in developing the Tinderbox Business in ... Read More

Publish Date: 28th, November 2013

Sales Skills, the biggest hole in the SME armoury.....

Tired of flat/ declining Sales and want to grow profitably? A 2013 growth survey of 450 SME’s (combined turnover £1.6 billion) by Albion Ventures has discovered some interesting facts abo... Read More

Publish Date: 7th, November 2013

Once Upon a Time......

There was a family owned organisation in the business of supplying products for the Construction market. By anticipating market trends and developing great products in the early days the family had be... Read More

Publish Date: 5th, November 2013

National Expansion Update

Our National Roll Out is now building in momentum and we continue to go from strength to strength and are delighted to welcome Patrick Gray as our latest Partner. Patrick has a wealth of experience w... Read More

Publish Date: 1st, October 2013

Exhibitions. To show or not to show. Is that the question

We recently completed some staff training for two of our clients, a North Sea Oil Company and a major Energy Company. These companies had decided to invest in making their staff as effective and effic... Read More

Publish Date: 10th, September 2013

Business Today - You may not want to read this

'A recent survey has shown that 75% of businesses don't want to grow currently' (RBS Small Business Director - BBC NEWS June 2013) If your business (and head) fall into this category stop reading... Read More

Publish Date: 10th, June 2013

Get it right first time...

With a number of economic signals indicating that we are probably coming out of recession it was with interest that I listened to an article on the radio announcing that confidence is returning and bu... Read More

Publish Date: 31st, October 2012

Tinderbox present to the Turnaround Managers Association

On a recent wet summer’s evening we presented to members of the Midlands Division of the TMA (Turnaround Managers Association). Our presentation took the members through how we could add furthe... Read More

Publish Date: 10th, October 2012

To show or not to show

We have done quite a lot of work over the years in the Design and Build arena where our clients have been involved in designing/building Exhibition stands. We have also experienced life from the other... Read More

Publish Date: 5th, September 2012

Olympic Standards in your business

Will your business benefit from the Olympic legacy? What’s your Olympic legacy going to look, sound and feel like for your business? Few people could have been left unmoved and unimpressed wit... Read More

Publish Date: 15th, August 2012

Holidays are coming

As we head into August, the schools have broken up, The Olympics are on, the weather is going to improve (apparently), a few days off and some "me time" are probably in order. The opportunities and... Read More

Publish Date: 22nd, July 2012

The perils and pitfalls of Recruitment

We often work with clients and provide assistance recruiting key personnel for them. Many clients have had frustrating recruitment experience in the past, they ask “Why is it so difficult to get... Read More

Publish Date: 30th, June 2012

Habitual Negotiating throughout a business

Anyone can negotiate if they ‘chunk up’ enough We train many people within business on Negotiating Techniques and Negotiating Skills. Most attendees come from the Sales discipline and enj... Read More

Publish Date: 13th, June 2012

Your country needs you

You will be aware that according to our esteemed leaders “small businesses” will bring the country out of recession. As we head off into a New Year you may be thinking:
I am ready t... Read More

Publish Date: 23rd, May 2012

The Tinderbox Opportunity. An Introduction From David Turner, Managing Director

Whether you are taking the first steps out of 'corporate life' on the road to building your own business or you are already an experienced independent ‘Consultant’ I believe Tinderbox ... Read More

Publish Date: 23rd, May 2012

Regional Director of Big 4 Bank Comments on Tinderbox

‘Your ROI for clients is brilliant. I have been asking for this from similar organisations I have met over the last couple of years and not one has produced the numbers. You focus on the shar... Read More

Publish Date: 23rd, May 2012

Tinderbox National Expansion Under Way

Following a very successful three year pilot in the East Midlands, the business consultancy, Tinderbox is pleased to announce the national roll out of their unique B2B offering to SMES across the co... Read More

Publish Date: 23rd, May 2012

The Vital Role of the Sales Function in Tough Market Conditions

Times remain tough for many businesses and, as they feel the pressure, reducing costs has been one of the first considerations for owners and managers. Discussions with and work within many small to m... Read More

Publish Date: 23rd, April 2012

News From Tinderbox Business Development

Tinderbox National Expansion It has now been almost three years since Tinderbox was formed to support, offer advice to and assist the business community in the Midlands. We have achieved exceptional ... Read More

Publish Date: 16th, April 2012

The Margin Squeeze

In the vast majority of markets we work in things remain challenging as businesses battle for market share in markets that, in many cases, are flat or in decline. We have covered the need to improve s... Read More

Publish Date: 16th, April 2012

Get Set For Succesful Exporting

We wholeheartedly believe in optimism being at the fore of creative business thinking but we also face reality with our clients head on. In talking to a client recently we discussed their European bus... Read More

Publish Date: 16th, April 2012

Why Sales Training works if you invest wisely

The perception of Sales Training within business is pretty mixed. The thought of salespeople coming back from a training course all ‘pumped up’ and bristling with confidence excites Senior... Read More

Publish Date: 16th, April 2012

An Invitation from Tinderbox - Making LinkedIn an Integral Part of your Sales and Marketing

  Course Objective To help attendees understand how LinkedIn can become a highly effective and productive Sales and Marketing Tool and thereby become a key part of your business’s overall... Read More

Publish Date: 14th, April 2012

2 Percent or 70 Percent Growth - You Have a Choice

Yes, in reality you make the choice!! In these tough times of course you could be happy with the smaller number.... 'that's pretty good in a tough market isn't it?''we should be pleased that we... Read More

Publish Date: 7th, April 2012

Double Dip or Double Digit

Once again we hear about the possibility of double dip recession. As business owners and managers we can always cite these uncertain times as reasons to play it safe or keep things tight. It's the ri... Read More

Publish Date: 7th, April 2012

Sales Remains The Biggest Challenge Going Into 2012

As part of our daily and weekly work we naturally meet with many businesses and potential clients to discuss their business concerns. Whilst a number of things inevitably come up we find that Sales &n... Read More

Publish Date: 24th, February 2012

Key Ingredients toTaste Success in the Food Market

The UK food retail market is one of the most competitive in the world. Demanding consumers and even more demanding retailers make it a tough place to make money. Things are not getting any easier and... Read More

Publish Date: 24th, February 2012

Making a Positive Influence On Profits - Selling Price Increases

We meet many clients who have become increasingly frustrated with reduced profit margins or eroded profitability. Simply put, there are only three ways to increase profits:- Increase sales Reduce ... Read More

Publish Date: 24th, February 2012

Procrastination and All That

One of the most common phrases we hear from clients is 'I really do need to do something about it…' Our answer to this is very simple – if you do recognise that you have a need to do s... Read More

Publish Date: 24th, February 2012

I Will Bin This Rubbish

The real time business experience at senior level of all of the Tinderbox team means that we have been exactly where you are and know how you feel about mail outs!! It might just be worth you reading ... Read More

Publish Date: 24th, February 2012

So I Called The Glazier In - To Fix a Broken Downpipe

It sounds like a ludicrous statement and something that we'd never do. After all, we're far too sensible and value our property too much to call in the services of someone who doesn't possess the n... Read More

Publish Date: 24th, February 2012

Why All This Fuss About One Percent

In the last election campaign the Conservatives made much play on the 1% 'jobs tax' to be imposed by New Labour in the shape of the National Insurance increase. Now 1% doesn't sound a lot does it?... Read More

Publish Date: 24th, February 2012

The Trouble With Sales

We at Tinderbox interface with many businesses and many owner managers in the line of our work. No situation is exactly the same but occasionally there is a 'common thread' to the feedback we get wh... Read More

Publish Date: 24th, February 2012

Why Slashing Marketing Spend in an Economic Downturn May Not Be The Best Idea

With cost cutting a painful but often necessary measure in difficult economic times one of the first areas to feel the 'cut' is Marketing spend. It almost becomes a natural target as 'we can't aff... Read More

Publish Date: 24th, February 2012

Seasons Greetings, FISCAL 2012 - Some Thoughts

We hope you all have a great Xmas and that you are looking forward to a successful New Year. There really isn’t much cheer out there (cue BBC/ Daily Mail etc.!) but Xmas is a great time to relax... Read More

Publish Date: 24th, February 2012

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