Is Your Marketing Engaging or Irritating?

In Marketing there’s a fine line between creating engagement and causing irritation.  The last thing you want is to push your audience away by sending them boring, irrelevant content week after week. Furthermore, if your competition is creating interesting and engaging content, you may be handing your audience to them on a platter!

So, what can you do to make sure you’re making the most of your marketing?

Well, let’s start by asking a couple of questions:

Why are you here?
This is a great place to start. Something brought you to this article. Was it the subject line? The associated imagery? Your relationship with us? Was it that you have consumed our content previously, found some value and would like to see what value we have to offer again? Maybe a mixture of all these things.

The point is that you need to hook your audience. Make them want to find out more! This is the difference between ending up as an unread email or a scrolled past social media post or getting real audience engagement.

What’s next?
So, you’ve convinced me to click through to your website, your imagery was great and the subject line/ headline was also intriguing. But where to now?

You need to offer your audience something worth consuming.

What makes content worth consuming?
There are many factors to consider when creating content.

It may seem obvious, but you MUST ensure that your headline matches your content. There’s nothing worse than clicking on something to find that you’ve been a victim of ‘clickbait’ and the content has nothing to do with the headline.  Not only is this a disingenuous way to get click throughs but it could also seriously impact your relationship with your audience. Do this too regularly and you are likely to see a sharp drop in your audience engagement.

Are you answering a question or solving a problem? Can your product or service improve the way they do business or make their life easier?  By not consuming your content are they missing out? These are all relatively simple questions, but more often than not, in marketing, they go unanswered. If your audience can relate to your content, they are far more likely to engage with you.

Are you offering something to your audience? Something that they can take away with them. This doesn’t have to be something with monetary value like a discount.  This could be strategies, tips and tricks, downloadable content, valuable information or even just something that they can share with others.

If you can provide any of these things, you are likely to remain in your audience’s thoughts and your chances of getting them to click through on your next post or read your next email vastly increases.

This is just the tip of the iceberg where marketing is concerned. What works in one medium, may not work in another. For example, the best approach for a car dealership will differ enormously to that of a hairdresser. While the content, subject matter and audience all changes dramatically, the fundamentals of marketing remain the same, notably:

  • Does the first impression of my content (the headline/ imagery) draw in my audience?
  • Is MY content engaging for MY audience?
  • Am I targeting the RIGHT audience?

It’s all about your audience.

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The Tinderbox Team

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