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At Tinderbox we have assembled a strong team with immense experience. Each has operated at strategic level within large organisations and understands the challenges and concerns you face as business owners and leaders.
Each is capable of transforming business performance for clients with a clear focus on results whilst maintaining a practical approach.
Find out who we are, our areas of expertise and how we can help you.
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Leadership and Management, Sales, Profit Improvement

Learn more about David Turner

Leadership and Management, Sales Profit Improvement, Franchising

Learn more about Mike English

Leadership and Management, Strategic Business Development, Acquisition, Planning and Integration, B2B Sales

Learn more about Graham Lawes

Strategic Marketing and Planning, Project Management, Data Protection/ GDPR, Customer Value

Learn more about Paul Binning

Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design ,Content Management

Learn more about Daniel Gunshon

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Associate Directors

Barry Potier – Associate Director (South)