Mike Introna

Regional Director - Yorkshire North/ East


A forward-orientated senior business leader commanding over two decades of board-level experience at the helm of a diverse range of organisations and involved in exit strategies for business owners. Combines a strong customer-focussed operational background with an innovative mindset to spearhead continuous process improvement and build a culture of excellence.

A commercial trouble-shooter, able to quickly identify and address opportunities and also confident in forging roadmaps for long term strategy implementation. Integrity-driven with a people-focused methodology, balancing specialist knowledge with expert oversight to guide business owners, boards and senior teams to influence and improve decision-making.

Mike has a hugely ambitious spirit and a deep desire to be a part of a ‘winning’ team through support and mentorship of teams at all levels.

Mike's Key Focus Areas:

Customer, People and Process.

Customer – Delivering great service is the key to growth in any business. Understanding the market, market trends and customer requirements are essential to any business growth strategies. Developing a resilient and adaptable mindset in our organisations with appropriate contingency planning is also increasingly important in the new dynamic world and environment that we have seen from 2020.

People – Developing a ‘team’ mentality and culture through supportive leadership, empowerment and mentorship whilst creating opportunity are key to an engaged workforce and businesses being able to dynamically respond to customer needs and a changing market. Benefits include improved performance, staff well-being, lower attrition of good people and improved customer feedback during visits with often better business audit scores.

Process – Be it operational processes, commercial or supply chain it is important to understand the business infrastructure both visible and hidden to identify where the real value lies and to be able to prioritise activities which can include process, waste and value stream mapping across all areas of the business. Correct data is key in understanding where a business is and tracking improvement with an old adage that still works today of “What gets measured, gets done.”  This leads to better decision making and improved investment strategies.

Mike really excels in troubleshooting environments and also those that need an innovative and strategic focus on growth plans. He loves supporting and coaching people to become better managers & leaders.

In his personal life, being with family and friends top his list with cooking and the countryside (angling, walking & the environment) amongst his favourite things. For his sins Mike is a Sheffield Wednesday season ticket holder but on a brighter note also enjoys cricket and boxing as well as travelling when opportunity allows.

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