We have launched the Tinderbox Self Analysis tool, for business leaders and owners to undertake a high-level diagnostic of their business to help identify opportunities and challenges.

By answering a short number of dynamic questions, you will be able to immediately download a FREE tailored pdf report with areas for you and your team to consider, and recommendations from Tinderbox. The tool works equally well on a pc, laptop, tablet, or phone and is quick and easy to use.

You will be provided with a bespoke PDF report tailored to your company and the opportunities and challenges you are facing. Each report contains our high-level recommendations, areas to consider and support options that will add significant value to your business if followed.

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Conduct a self-analysis of your business, review the report and findings with your team and set your business on a pathway to success.

Click here to access the Self-Analysis tool and download your own, FREE, tailored PDF report.

Self Analysis Tool