Serena Humphrey

Senior Advisor Financial Strategy & Planning


Serena is a Chartered Management Accountant, experienced Finance Director and one of the leading finance coaches in the UK.

Her mission is to bring high quality financial management to small businesses initiated from a trio of financial disasters early in her career.

In the recession of the early 90’s Serena’s parents lost their business and home, she lost the house she had proudly bought when she was 18 and the fast-growing £10m business she worked for as Accounts Manager went bust dramatically. Serena personally had to tell hundreds of people they’d lost their jobs. Her parents and her bosses lost everything they’d worked all their lives for. It was a deeply upsetting and disturbing time, and she sought answers.

It became her driving force to understand what had happened and to find ways to stop it happening to other people. To help business owners create the level of financial success and security they deserve.

Since completing her professional training with Northern Food PLC and NEXT PLC, Serena has been running her own mission based support for businesses for over 20 years. She and the team working alongside her have worked in and with hundreds of SME’s, putting in place world class financial management while training them to build more financially viable and valuable businesses.