Should They Stay or Should They Go?

It can happen to anyone. One of your most trusted salespeople has just walked into your office and handed in their resignation. They’ve been offered a new role with a higher salary. You didn’t see it coming, there was no hint of an issue, they were consistently delivering their numbers, they were well rewarded and now they’ve decided to go!

What next? Well firstly, DON’T PANIC.

Think about the customers which they were looking after. Have you got a Customer Business Team in place which would mitigate the impact of one person from that team leaving? What actions can you take in the short term to stabilise that relationship?

Be cautious about making counter offers. Their reasons for looking to leave were probably more than just about money. And they will almost certainly resent being told they are suddenly worth more than they were yesterday, just because they’ve handed in their resignation.

This could be an opportunity to relook at your customer engagement and what you can do to look after them differently

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The Tinderbox Team