The Importance of Influence

The ability to influence other parties is going to be a key factor in trade discussions at all levels over the next few months in particular. We have the difficulties caused by the current pandemic and upcoming Brexit which, combined, bring multiple pressures on supplies, customers and staff. The ability to negotiate and influence effectively will offer massive benefits for businesses if they possess these skills.
Influencing people positively then is a highly valuable skill. So where do you start?
I would start by doing everything possible to establish the Position of the other party. Ask questions, understand their world, as the phrase goes ‘take a walk in their shoes’. By taking this perspective you can fashion what you are offering to appeal to what motivates them – what will make a difference to their situation and help it. The more effort you put into this knowledge gathering piece the more likely your chances of success.
Once you have sufficient knowledge you can start to Prepare your ‘pitch.’ This should focus on appealing to the other party’s motivators. Ensure that what you are proposing is clearly explained in terms of who does what, when, where and fully outline the features of what you offer. Then, importantly, convert these features into benefits that meet the requirements or needs of the other party.
Focus on data and facts that back up your proposal, these provide authenticity, integrity and credibility. Think about it, the more credible your position the more confident you will be in making that ‘pitch’ and confidence plays a big part in achieving success in the area of influence.
Always involve the other party in the discussion, don’t just talk at them. Engage them, ensure that they are following what you are saying with questions like ‘is that clear so far?’ – ‘what is your perspective on that point?’ Bring them along with you.
Finally, you will only become more influential if you practice. Take the opportunity to rehearse what you are proposing with colleagues etc. before you ‘take the plunge’. Invite and accept feedback as constructive at all times and build some of these suggestions into your next discussion or pitch.
These influential skills are key to success and could determine how successfully you move into 2021. Being more influential as a business could add tens of thousands of pounds to your bottom line – visualise that.
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