The Map of the World is not the Territory

It is someone’s interpretation of what the territory looks like. Canaletto’s interpretation of the Doge’s Palace in Venice definitely looks like the building but looks nothing like the painting by William Callow of the same place. These are the artist’s individual views on the subject.

Let’s take the views expressed by the media in the UK on various subjects. We are indeed ‘subjected’ to this every day and make no mistake such intense coverage is bound to affect people’s opinions if they let it! Whether it be the BBC, Daily Mail or, yes, the good old Sun, each has their own angle and perspective.

So what viewpoint should we take? There is no right or wrong in this. People see things differently and, frankly, the most appropriate viewpoint is the one that you form. After that your mind will simply follow a well trodden pattern of finding a host of information, facts, figures etc, to support that view.

Clear the clutter from your mind. Turn off the TV/ don’t read the papers, form your own views on your business and business prospects. Break the mould. Use your now uncluttered and free thinking mind to assess your market, your competitors, your opportunities. Look for things that support a positive situation – weaker competition, competitors waiting for things to happen, your product advantages, your service advantages. Plan to use these plus factors positively.

As we say ‘the man at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there’. Some of our clients are posting spectacular profitable increases in very tough markets. Get your mindset right and join the market front runners…..

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David Turner

Managing Director