What On Earth Has Happened To The Importance Of The End User Experience??

We all know how painful the pandemic was in terms of changing the way we live for a period of time. Those short-term adjustments were necessary at the time but, from what we see, we are still suffering from a condition that could probably be described as post- pandemic self- interest.  There is no question that too many businesses are prioritising the interests of their people, but so often at the expense of the very people who pay the staff’s wages – the customer! 

One of our Regional Directors – Ian Taylor – recently posted this on his Linked In page – this was a simple personal observation:

There are thousands more examples of what Ian is describing here – the telephone call to your local council, doctor, insurance company that rings out endlessly. The message ‘we are experiencing a high volume of calls – you are 45th in the queue’. The fact that they are experiencing a high volume of calls is of no interest to the end user – they need help. Does anyone within the company that sends out such messages say ‘hey, our customers are waiting up to an hour to get through on a phone call – we need to fix this as it is unsatisfactory’. We doubt it!! The mindset is more like ‘we’re busy and they will just have to wait like everyone else’.  What a sad situation and steadily such businesses will lose customers.

Everyone seems to talk a good game on customer service but there are, in reality too few businesses who walk the talk. Be clear that we are 100% behind the importance of looking after your team. But, making sure that they remain motivated and understand what their role entails and how it plays an important part in making the company successful will only be a successful strategy if, first and foremost, it meets the needs and requirements of the end user, all of the time and every time.

Candidly, if your people don’t understand this, they either need training on why this is important or, if this key business principle doesn’t interest them, you have the wrong people.

Any business model is doomed to fail if keeping staff motivated is not twinned with ensuring that your customers are happy with the service they receive.

Let’s be very clear – the organisations who, in the future, put the customer/client/ end user experience first and foremost and build a team around them committed to this principle, will forge themselves a crucial point of difference versus their competition.

Find out how your customers/clients/ end users feel about what you are offering now. Get an independent organisation to do a survey of your customer/client/end user base and get the real truth and then act on it. We can help with this.

Don’t be part of the inward facing brigade – instead of making excuses focus 100% on delivering the best end user experience in your market – you’ll not regret it.

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