What’s Your POD?

We are in a world of spiralling energy costs, significant supply shortages and pressure on prices from below. Inevitably this is putting pressure on margins and unless major problems are to follow businesses need to take the appropriate action.

The potential immediate remedy is a price increase and given the right skills and approach a price increase is very feasible in all markets. However, getting that price increase through is a lot easier if you have a real point of difference in what you offer your customers/ clients, versus the competition.

So, what is your point of difference? Where can you deliver a competitive advantage beyond a simple price advantage? Put another way:

and the answer cannot be ‘we are cheaper than them’.

If you really don’t have the answer to this question time to get busy and involve your people in determining what those compelling points of difference are. Get your group together ask them the question above – and see what answers they can come up with – tell them at the outset that price is not a reason – this will ensure that they think solely about other advantages versus what the competitors offer – things like:

  • Quicker delivery
  • After sales service
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Superior product / service performance
  • Cost effectiveness (a good example is Fairy Liquid – one of the most expensive washing up liquids but the cheapest per wash as you don’t have to use as much per wash)

If you can get people thinking hard and long about this you will, we guarantee, get some compelling points of difference that makes your offer different/ superior/ better than the competition. Gather these, include them in your marketing/ selling message and ensure that whoever is selling that all important price increase, can articulate these points of difference very clearly.

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The Tinderbox Team