Who Motivates the Boss?

We are now almost one year into the Pandemic and with the vaccination progress well underway and looking very positive (in the UK at least) we can look to put this all behind us and kick on.

In getting back to business and facing the reality of the post Pandemic markets, there will be many tough decisions to be made by business owners and for the vast majority there is precious relevant little support and advice available to help them make the right decisions.

Of course, we all recognise that these decisions are crucial in determining whether the specific business succeeds or suffers. They relate to the things that make a business tick – people, products, suppliers and vitally, customers. The customer portfolio for many SME’s will have changed significantly since the Pandemic started and the shape of that customer portfolio may be very different.

It’s not hard therefore to see that self-motivation and self-management are so important for so many leaders in the weeks coming up.

Despite the challenges, leaders must maintain a positive outlook because this fuels enthusiasm, motivation and the important element of creativity from the people they lead.

When positivity disappears, burnout and fatigue will almost certainly follow. Businesses cannot afford those two negative forces to take over, particularly in the upcoming months.

So, leaders and owner / managers, how can you inject some optimism into your day? One tip is to spend just two minutes a day to re-establish the right mental attitude and focus.

Focus is most definitely needed – on the things that mean the most to your business and its successful future. Spend the two minutes before you start each day’s work and write down and reflect on:

  1. I will focus on ____________________________ today to move the business forward.
  2. I am pleased and positive about ___________________________today and this is definitely something to build on.
  3.  I will stop doing and let go of ____________________________________ today because it is not the best and most productive use of my time.

Be very specific with your answers and make sure the subjects are relevant to your business. By spending just two minutes per day to tune our brains (and therefore ourselves) into positivity we’ll be assisting the quality of work we deliver for the rest of each day.

So, leaders, try this technique each day. If you do need additional and relevant support and assistance in making the right decisions at this crucial time, you can get in touch with the Tinderbox team of experts at: ignite@tinderboxbusinessdevelopment.co.uk, or call on 0116 232 5231

Alternatively you can contact me directly at the points below:

David Turner
Managing Director

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