You Have Won an Award – So What?

We have just won the Best Business Consultancy Award for 2023 for our Region in the prestigious Wealth and Finance International competition against many other Business Consultancies.

‘What do we make of that?’ – we hear you say! Good question and a question that we would ask in anyone else’s shoes.

It is important to us to receive recognition although what is most important is what we deliver for our clients – the factor that has won us this award. This success is down to our approach – which differs substantially from many Business Consultancies/ Consultants out there. Why is this and why does it work?

Point 1:

Unlike many other business consultants we do not take on any assignments beyond our skills and experience. We have over 150 top people around the country that cover all business disciplines and sectors with real practical experience and knowledge. We can therefore deliver a practical programme which gives our clients a return on investment every time delivered by the right expert. The business consultants who grab an assignment and say ‘I can do this’, when in reality they simply don’t have the ‘tools’, under deliver and get consultancy a bad name. We don’t do that!

Point 2:

We don’t use ‘off the shelf’ solutions with a ‘this will fix it’ attitude. Because of our practical experience and knowledge, we can deliver personalised solutions that will work for the specific client and their unique business.

Point 3:

We always get to the CAUSE of the challenge or POTENTIAL of the opportunity. In the former case we can therefore prescribe the right solutions and in the latter case we put plans together that help our clients maximise potential.

Point 4:

If needed we will stay with the business and help them implement the solutions and leave them when they are comfortable pushing on without our help. We achieve this in as short a time as possible and unlike many consultants do not ‘cling on’ for a monthly fee.

That’s it – this is why we have successfully helped nearly 500 businesses become successful or more successful over the last ten years and more.

If you would like a taste of the success that we can bring, get in touch with us at or call us on 0116 232 5231.

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The Tinderbox Team

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