Client Testimonials - Don't Take Our Word For It, Listen To Them...

Tinderbox always delivers customer satisfaction and has a 100% success rate with businesses we end up working with and supporting. Please take a moment to read over some of their thoughts and experiences as they explain how we helped them to succeed.

Pam Hamilton - Managing Director, Paraffin

“Hans & Graham, thank you so much for your advice and work so far, it has been invaluable, and we have already changed our behaviours and unlocked quite a few more business development opportunities than we would have done before our project with you, so it’s all good from our side!”

Sam Lockey - Head of UK and International Sales, The Puppet Company

“Tinderbox have assisted me in developing Sales and in offering invaluable advice and new insights that I and the team have adapted to the Company’s huge benefit. As a result of their help and some of the changes made to our approach we are seeing a very positive business position emerge. Tinderbox experience of real business and practical ideas have been an invaluable asset during their time with us”

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Clive Ansell - Managing Director, 360Coms Ltd

“This has made me look at my business in a completely different way, I now not only see the opportunities for growth but also see a clear path of where my company is actually going with the business pushing forward to realise my ambitions. The problem I had before Tinderbox were recommended to me by HSBC bank was the last thing I wanted as it was time & money. After my first meeting with Tinderbox, was getting my head around what they do within the businesses as I could see I became complacent within the company which is normal when companies do well. Tinderbox new approach provides practical support along with advice that has already delivered results within the business structure. The professionalism from Tinderbox with 360Coms Strategic Growth for 2021 onwards for ten year plan, which is a first for me after 37 years in business. This has been one of the best moves I have made moving forward and most of all a game plan in the future. I recommend Tinderbox for any business especially if you think you’re doing well as a company. “

Jon Orchard - Founder of Buzz Studios

“I am currently working with Graham Lawes & Peter Abel from Tinderbox Ltd on my business, Buzz Studios. This is a really refreshing approach to guiding me and my business. It is very layered, very detailed and breaks down barriers, things  you can’t always see while running your own business. Graham & Peter have an immediate understanding of exactly where your business is at, and they can articulate a clear path for its next stage of growth. More positive days to come, and more to look forward to. Working with Graham & Peter is one of the smartest moves I have made in business.”

Leigh - Director, Pearl Fit-Out

“Hi Hans and Phil, Thank you for coming yesterday and running through your observations and proposals for improving Pearl as a business.
We have found you both very professional and knowledgeable. Your experience and business is there in abundance for anyone that sat with you to see. The whole team have said that they felt that their opinions were valued and counted towards what was being pulled together into your report, with your friendly and informative approach it made you very easy to talk to.
We are very much looking forward to implementing the changes to the business; how it all turns out and to seeing the effect on the team and the business.”

Managing Director - Design & Build Company

“The input and practical assistance from Tinderbox in the early stage of our development was invaluable in determining the right strategies, structure, processes and business plan for us. By adhering to and building on this template we have gone from strength to strength.”

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Managing Director - Pallet Network Company

“There is no doubt that Tinderbox possesses the experience, ability and credibility to tackle a number of business issues and they certainly receive our endorsement of their credentials to assist and improve business performance in the haulage/logistics market place.”

Managing Director - POS Company

“I have found Tinderbox to be the complete business service company. They possess proven specialists in all major business areas. In our view they are the complete package and a major asset to any business, whatever their stage of development.”

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Finance Director - Construction Company

“The Board and senior management who have worked alongside Tinderbox all agree that we have brought into the business an expertise that previously did not exist. This has not appeared in a dictatorial way but through focus, mentoring and challenge. Through this individuals have confidence to move forward in their own roles. All feel that the systems for control that are developing will benefit the business greatly in a very short period of time and therefore there is developing a commitment to do things in an agreed manner that didn’t exist previously.”

Managing Director - Fashion Retailer

“The bank have just agreed the additional facilities – they would not have done this without your input, help and support.”

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Managing Director - Consumables/ Parts Distribution Company

“Thank you for your help and support at today’s meeting with R……. I am very pleased with the way things went and your handling of the presentation to R………. was wonderful.”

CK - Workshop Attendee

“Thank you very much. Really enjoyed the presentation & it gave me a top up & reminder of my role as the leader. I look forward to the next workshop”

RB - Workshop Attendee

“Thank you for an inspiring presentation that certainly has focused my mind on the way in which I convey myself. Very thought provoking.”

Director - CNC Machining Business

“Having been introduced to Tinderbox by my relationship Manager at HSBC, and the 3 months that we have been working with him so far, there is no doubt that Chris Hall from Tinderbox possesses the experience, ability and credibility to identify and tackle a number of business issues we have.  He certainly receives our endorsement of his credentials to assist and improve business performance in the small engineering sector and we look forward to moving the business on to the next level during 2021.”

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Managing Director - £6 million Distributor of Industrial Consumables

“Tinderbox has been working with our sales team over the past 2 months. Initially we asked them to assess the ability and effectiveness of the team and make recommendations as to how to maximise their potential. Tinderbox has adopted a very practical, hands on approach. They have provided ideas and an implementation plan and they are currently working with our sales team ensuring the team implements the new skills and approaches to their sales techniques. We are already beginning to see results in the form of new customers. I have been very impressed with the manner in which Tinderbox has integrated seamlessly into our business and understood our company aims and culture.”

Lucy - Corporate Communications Advisor, Oil Company

“I just wanted to pass on some really positive feedback I got from our HSSE Director who was in the training on the morning of Wednesday 21st – he told me today he thought the training was superb – he couldn’t say enough good things about it! – so it’s really great knowing that one of our most senior people really thought it worthwhile.”

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Alison - Senior Communications Business Partner, Energy Company

“We’ve had really positive feedback from the session – I’m looking forward to seeing everyone put it into practice!”

Workshop Attendee

‘’What a fantastic event in Manchester this AM! Big thank you to all the customers who attended, we really hope that further value has been added to our relationships and you all have some food for thought to take away.

Massive thank you to David Turner who presented a masterful presentation on behalf of Tinderbox Ltd, focused around strategies for growth. David shared some really great insight into managing a business and current economic challenges.’’