The Road to Sustainability

One of the most impactful films I have watched in the relatively recent years is ‘The Road to Perdition’ starring Tom Hanks and in his final film role, Paul Newman. I’ll not spoil the film for those who haven’t seen it, but I have seen happier endings.

With sustainability high on the world’s agenda and high on the agenda of many companies, clients and business customers it is important that any business starts to embrace what they need to do to become more ‘sustainable’ and adapt as the we try to move towards ‘net zero’ to ensure that there is a ‘happier ending’ for them! There are growing concerns about the impact of climate change and whether as individuals we ‘buy into’ the rhetoric or not, the fact is that businesses are increasingly seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future. Net zero may be an overly ambitious target but no one can place blame on someone aiming high.

So, how do you start the process of striving to be a net zero business yourself. This means trying to balance out the greenhouse gas emissions produced by your business with the appropriate reductions. Here are a few tips:

Evaluate and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Identify and quantify all sources of greenhouse gas emissions throughout your business operations. This is your start point and when identified you can set targets to reduce those emissions over time.

Look at Renewable Energy Sources

Moving to renewable energy solutions helps enormously in the sustainability drive. For example, solar panels or wind turbines will generate clean electricity for your business. It may not be quite right for your business but at least explore and be curious about what such moves might mean. If larger scale generation is not feasible for your business, look at options to purchase green energy from sustainable suppliers.

Energy Efficiency

There are enough energy usage measurement tools available now to tell you exactly where your business is using energy and where significant energy savings might be found. Reducing energy consumption not only lowers costs but also reduces carbon emissions. Conduct energy audits to identify areas where efficiency improvements can be made. Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances, lighting systems, and heating/cooling solutions to maximise your energy savings.

Sort Out the Supply Chain

This area can be a massive contributor to the carbon footprint of a business. Encourage employees to share cars to the workplace, if feasible use public transport (not always feasible we know!!) consider reducing commutes by using technology for meetings WHEN APPROPRIATE. Optimise delivery routes to reduce transportation-related emissions, and work with suppliers that prioritise eco-friendly practices.

Think About Re-Cycling

Implementing recycling programs, minimising the use of single-use plastics and designing products with durability and recyclability in mind is the way to go. Bring in and use  sustainable practices that prioritise the efficient use of resources.

Get the Team Involved

Bring all of your team into the drive for sustainability. Create a culture of sustainability within your organisation by engaging employees and stakeholders in your journey towards net zero. Encourage eco-friendly practices, provide training on sustainable behaviours, and celebrate achievements together. Stakeholders can become powerful advocates for your commitment to sustainability.


The Road to Sustainability can have a much happier ending than the Road to Perdition however we accept that becoming a net zero business is tough. It can be very rewarding however, in business terms, as more customers/ clients will insist on suppliers being ‘sustainability savvy’. By taking some simple, practical steps to reduce carbon emissions, by embracing renewable energy, optimising operations, and engaging the team around you, your business can play a vital role in protecting the environment and shaping a greener future.

The fact is that businesses worldwide continue to prioritise sustainability. If you strive towards net zero with your business you not only help the planet but you also enhance your brand’s reputation and competitiveness in an environmentally conscious market.

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