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Business ownership can be an attractive option to senior corporate professionals who are looking to transition out of corporate life into a new and rewarding career. The dynamics of a Partnership under a trusted brand can be very similar to those found in a corporate environment except one primary difference: you’re the captain of your own ship.

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Business Acceleration - Get on the Right Track


The last few weeks have been unprecedented, to a degree, but disruption happens all the time in today’s fast moving, technology led markets – the key is how you deal with these disruptions.  We have been very active across the lockdown period and we are now offering our expertise to new clients to enable them to negotiate the choppy waters ahead and come through them successfully. The only businesses to succeed, for sure, are those that demonstrate flexibility, agility and show initiative. There will be big winners and sadly big losers. This initiative gives your business the best chance of being a big winner.

From August 1st 2020 for a short period we are offering a limited number of one day strategic review and planning sessions for clients and potential future clients involving a Tinderbox expert with real experience in your market and sector. Someone who has ‘worn the tee shirt’ and celebrated true business success in good and bad times. This review and planning exercise will ensure that, at the conclusion of it, you have:

  1. A clear and fresh Vision of where you are going to take the business (or options to consider)
  2. Knowledge of what needs to be done within your business (and with your people) to start you on that journey
  3. A comprehensive written plan that illustrates the steps you need to take on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to make the plan a reality.

The Review Includes:

  • A three hour session with you and your key management managed and facilitated by your own Tinderbox Expert to map out a clear vision for the business – i.e. where are we going/ what new routes do we need to consider/ take?
  • A clear path, mapped out, on what changes are necessary to get you from where you are now to where you want to get to
  • Who does what, when, where in that process? Defining clear accountabilities and responsibilities
    Specification of the next steps and an Action Plan that all can follow
  • Monthly follow up telephone calls to track progress for three months from your own Tinderbox expert to discuss and assist with progress

Achieving Excellent Outcomes

We facilitate this session in full and ensure that we get input and contribution from all involved. We compile a full report and action plan at the end of it giving you a programme and solid base to work from and ongoing support too. The investment for this work is £2,000 plus VAT. We only have the expert resource to carry out 100 of these sessions in August so places are limited. The sessions can be carried out in your premises if considered safe to do so, or via a video facility (Zoom). If the latter, we set that up and invite all of the attendees that you require at the meeting from your team and manage the whole process. In either case we facilitate, control and manage the whole session ensuring that your business and your people get the most from it.

To book your strategic review event with us click the button below and Register. We will come back to you and confirm a date. Alternatively get in touch with me direct at the contact numbers below. We fully expect these sessions to be booked up by mid-July so, if you are interested, please register that interest as above or contact us as soon as possible.

David Turner
Mob: 0774 702 3610
Email: david.turner@tinderboxbd.com


Tinderbox Academy

Introducing Tinderbox Academy!

As small business owners you face challenges every day and can overcome a significant number of them. There is also support available from different bodies that often comes in the shape of a generic ‘one size fits all’ solution – the problem is, often that solution isn’t the right one for your business.

These challenges don’t go away on their own and sometimes you just can’t resolve them. You also may have your own business improvement ideas that you need some specific, skilled advice on, or challenges within your business that need addressing but you just can’t find a way of sorting it alone.

While there is often the right level of expertise and experience out there, it usually comes at a price beyond your budget.

The Tinderbox Academy has solved that problem.

At Tinderbox, we have decades of real business experience amongst our team of more than 100 Regional Directors and business experts. We have a 100% success rate with the businesses we work with and now toy can have access to our team.

We have created a solution that means any business can access our much valued expertise whatever size.  Over the last decade we’ve helped hundreds of businesses become more successful, and now, for the first time ever, you can find and use your own Tinderbox expert to help drive your business forward, for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day!


What's in the box?

There are two tiers of subscription. Choose your best fit from the options below:

£49 per month

(12 month contract)

Access to your own TINDERBOX EXPERT
(email ongoing access)

Supply of one Profit Improvement Programme strategy per month
(60 available)

Supply of one strategic Business Tools library item per month with HOW TO USE guide
(50 available)

Monthly access to a Tinderbox Academy Training Webinar*
(duration 20-30 mins)

40% discount on any course from the Tinderbox Online Library
(100 courses available)

£69 per month

(monthly subscription)

Access to your own TINDERBOX EXPERT
(email ongoing access)

Supply of one Profit Improvement Programme strategy per month
(60 available)

Supply of one strategic Business Tools library item per month with HOW TO USE guide
(50 available)

Quarterly access to a Tinderbox Academy Training Webinar*
(duration 20-30 mins)

20% discount on any course from the Tinderbox Online Library
(100 courses available)

* Webinar subjects will be released one month in advance

Our Experts

We have a selection of experts ready to respond to your questions and assist you with your business challenges.

Nothing found.

Profit Improvement Programme

As part of your subscription you will receive a Profit Improvement tip each month.
Our catalogue contains the following:

The importance of 1%

Controlling prices


The 80/20 rule

Understanding profitability

Logistics savings

Everything has a price


Personal KPIs

Having a sale


Cost control

Locking in customers long term


Salary reviews

Reducing risk

Price increases

Rebate schemes

Meetings bloody meetings

Cash flows

Selecting Key accounts

Bottom cropping


Category management

New business sources

Internal communication

Time management

Unique selling proposition

Limiting your risks

At risk accounts

Terms of business

Removing Wastage

Developing key accounts

Setting targets

Problem solving

Initiating change

Quality first and last

Public relations

Creating desire

Train for success


Site visits

Understanding costs

Effective marketing

Product re-engineering

Understanding customers wants and needs

Sales and operations planning

Targeting, budgets and forecasts

Maintaining a good image

Chain of contribution

Keeping in touch remotely

The power of shared knowledge


What if

Whole business management

Margin, contribution and profit

Shared distribution savings

BOMs (bills of materials)

Pricing tactics

Profit loss – our impact

Toolkit Library

As part of your subscription you will receive a new toolkit document each month.

Click to download an example

Meet The Team

Find Out More About the Tinderbox Experts...

At Tinderbox we have assembled a strong team with immense experience. Each has operated at strategic level within large organisations and understands the challenges and concerns you face as business owners and leaders.
Each is capable of transforming business performance for clients with a clear focus on results whilst maintaining a practical approach.
Find out who we are, our areas of expertise and how we can help you.
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How We Help

Tinderbox Has Been Helping Businesses Achieve Their Goals for Over 10 Years...

For more than a decade, Tinderbox has been supporting, advising and helping businesses improve their performance in a wide cross-section of disciplines.
To find out more from our happy clients, please take a few moments to click through into our testimonials and case studies.

How Do We Achieve Success for Our Clients?

Our approach is to deal with business challenges head on but in a stage by stage manner. We:

timer clock icon

Spend time understanding the scale of the challenge;

report icon

As a result, determine the exact CAUSE of the issue and compile a full report on the issues;

plan icon

Supply a practical and fully implementable Action Plan that tells you exactly what you and your business need to do to get from where you are, to where you need to be.

Case Studies

Click here to read some of our Case Studies


Click here to read some of our Testimonials


Who are Tinderbox?

Tinderbox Business Consulting offers a personalised and unique service to businesses across the United Kingdom, specialising in the SME market.

We work closely with Business Owners or Board Directors to develop bespoke and targeted programmes for success.
We grow businesses profitably! Businesses who work with us achieve Step Change results and we have a 100% record with our clients. Whether your business wants to devise or introduce a business plan that will dramatically improve your profit line, enter new markets, improve your processes, train and develop your management team or simply develop an exit strategy for you as a business owner, we work with you and your leadership teams to create the best solution for your business.

Find Out More

What challenges do you face?

  • Declining or plateauing sales performance?
  • Over-reliance on a major customer or customers?
  • Struggling to enter new markets?
  • Constant pressure on sales prices and margins?
  • Retaining good staff and expensive recruitment?

View Some Of Our Case Studies
mountain range target goal

Tinderbox Believes With Our Help, Your Business Can And Will:

profit improvement arrow, implement business strategy

Implement winning business strategies

cogs add skills to business team

Add vital new skills to your team and business

Optimise business potential cycle

Optimise your business potential

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Coffee Break Articles

As well as directly supporting customers across the UK, our experienced team of Directors are continually looking to help enhance the mindset of business leaders and educate. To help pass this knowledge and experience on, we have developed a large selection of “coffee-break articles”, written to get you thinking about your business and the ways in which small changes can make a large difference.

Search our directory of “5-minute break” articles below for insight, dynamic mindset changing articles.

About Us

Not Your Typical Consultant

Our core offer focuses on providing expert advice, support and involvement in all core business disciplines. Our multi-disciplined and practically experienced team possesses a wide range of business experience and subject expertise spanning all market sectors. As a result of this we can always ensure we bring in the most appropriate Tinderbox expert, with relevant market and subject matter experience, to meet your specific challenges. We resolve them with practical advice that works and transforms performance. We then help transfer any skills necessary to ensure your organisation continues to benefit from our support whilst moving into your future, better state.  All this helps drive your business success.

Well Deliver the Value We Promise and That You Expect

For you this might mean faster progress to increased business value, lower costs, improved cash flow and higher revenues. This can help you achieve new goals, penetrate new markets, create successful mergers or simplify legacy systems and emerging technologies alike.

At Tinderbox, We Have a Team of Experts to Help You

We’ll not only advise you on what you could be doing differently, but, if required, become part of the team delivering the answer. We can help you make better decisions, reduce costs, build a more effective organisation and develop appropriate technology strategies.

We start by understanding your organisation: your operation, the competitive dynamics, your culture, objectives and challenges. By seeing the world the way you do we apply our insights to your specific strategic and operational issues. However, our team’s culture of curiosity, innovation and reinvention means that your current thinking will be challenged – with a distinctive point of view.

Our team of Regional Directors all have years of experience operating at strategic management levels within large organisations. As well as this vast experience we have accumulated more than 150 subject matter experts, spread across the United Kingdom, who will be brought in on a project-by-project basis to deliver the precise expertise you require. This model and network means our capability is very broad across industries and types of projects.

Get to Know Us Better

Why Are We Different?

Firstly and crucially, each of our team has operated in real businesses themselves at a senior and strategic decision-making level. They have all created and implemented business strategies and improvement programmes so have real-life experience and affinity with your challenges.

Through our specialist Regional Director network and our UK-wide team of more than 150 subject experts, we introduce the appropriate individual for the specific business challenge presented by each customer and, through our extensive business experience, ensure that the advice and support given is both practical and implementable. And the Regional Director doesn’t disappear once the project is underway, they’ll be working alongside you right from the outset until the project is complete and evaluated and delivers you a great ROI.
Our many years of experience help our clients make significant progress and achieve results previously believed to be ‘out of reach’, whilst passing on to our client’s team the necessary skills to sustain this development on an ongoing basis.

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Our Assurance to You and Your Business

Following our initial analysis of your business, we will tell you what we would advise needs implementing to help lift performance. We only work with committed business owners and management teams that are open to support, advice and are willing to change. For those we do end up supporting, we are very proud to have a 100% record of satisfaction and business improvement. It’s a record we aim to maintain, for our clients.